Timothy Boye

Technologist and life enthusiast


In the past I have freelanced for numerous businesses including Gibbs Design and the not-for-profit Making the Invisible Visible working on turning the designer’s visions into CMS backed websites.


I have released numerous applications to date including Emojr, a massive 200+ emoji sticker app for Messenger in iOS10, the sequel to Emojr Natur, a massive 150+ nature and animals sticker app and Cute Animals Sticker Pack, a smaller sticker app that brings together cute clipart like animal stickers from numerous artists into the one app.


Fair Go! Sydney AFA Conference 2013

This photo was taken at the AFA Sydney Conference in 2013 during the careers panel on which I spoke about my experience working at Macquarie University for the LEAP Robotics high school program. Also pictured is singer and model Lauren Dawes.


Macquarie University - LEAP Robotics

During my time with LEAP Robotics at Macquarie University I was involved in attending schools in the greater Sydney area to teach the students all about engineering principles and software programming but deeper than that we strived to instil an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as inspire related skills such as confidence and leadership.

We did this through a number of mediums: firstly with Lego Mindstorms to teach the basics of programming and robotics, secondly as part of the FIRST Tech Challenge a competition where students built small robots primarily with mechano-like products and the Lego Mindstorms NXT controller and finally as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition where students fabricated large robots from raw materials such as steel C-sections and using the more complex National Instruments Compact RIO controller, competing nationally and internationally.

In my spare time I have been known to try my hand at many hobbies, robotics, coding, electronics, woodworking, graphic design, CAD/modelling for CNC production, baking, cooking, gardening, the list is almost endless. Many of these various pursuits have led me to the maker movement and its philosophy of learning-through-doing or experimentation. This movement inspires thousands of people around the globe to give it a go and build something, anything and it inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and learn. Occasionally I even sell my work at Boye & Co.

Deadlines loom but in life one must always make time for cake, it's a matter of time management. Whether I'm looking at, eating or baking desserts these are the happy times.


Whether it’s general hand at music events such as Too Cosmic or Mutate, IT coordinator at conferences such as the Albinism Fellowship of Australia’s Biennial National Conference, judging FIRST Australia’s robotics competitions, mentoring FIRST robotics teams, facilitating Peer Assisted Learning back in University, or committee work for Macquarie University’s Student Engineering Society supporting community is very important to me and some of the best experiences I’ve had.

The eternal student, I am always seeking to acquire new knowledge and skills whether in my professional life or in my various hobbies such as woodworking and making. In my professional life I have studied preparatory units at The University of Sydney, engineering units at Macquarie University and received a Bachelor of Information Technology specialising in software development at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In my first year of university study with Macquarie University I even had the honour of receiving the GT Micropro Prize in Computing and the Optus Engineering Scholarship.